Tamworth Loader firm gives heart campaign a lift

Tamworth Loader firm gives heart campaign a lift

THE sound of clanking metal and tools beavering away fills the air at Tamworth’s Central Hydraulic Loaders Ltd. base.

As the small and dedicated team of engineers work hard, they have shown that they have more than just a metal façade, as they also have a soft heart for Tamworth.

For they have vowed to buy our ELEVENTH defibrillator as part of the Herald’s Have a Heart Campaign. After reading about us reaching our target of getting ten life-saving devices up across the town, staff at the firm were keen to get in on the action and will purchase their own defibrillator with a view to putting it on their main gate.

“We have gone from fitting cranes to fitting hearts”, said Tracie Sharratt, director of the company.

“We are so proud to be part of the campaign, we have been following it for some time and when we saw that the Herald had achieved their target, that is when we decided to get involved.

“We wanted to show how important it is to keep this going.

“We have 20 people working here and the job is very physically demanding, so there is definitely a need for one of these devices being put up around here.

“We want to make sure that it goes on our main gate as we get a lot of people walking past here and we want to make sure that they can come and grab it if they need it.

“We are really excited to get our device up, people think they need training to use one, but they don’t and I think this is what makes them so important, as anyone can pick one up and use it.”

“The Herald also doesn’t have enough cranes and lorries in the paper and we wanted to change that!”

Despite reaching our target, here at the Herald, we believe that Tamworth can never have too many defibrillators and are still encouraging individuals, groups, businesses, schools, offices and anyone passionate about saving lives to get involved.

Whether you want to raise money towards a device, purchase a device, or back our campaign by finding out more about CPR and defibrillation, we want to keep hearing from you.

Charles Stanley, service engineer at Central Hydraulic Loaders, said: “A few of us recently completed our first aid training, so we know how to use the devices and see how important they are to saving lives.

“The chances of survival increase by so much just by using one of these devices and this is why we want to add it to our arsenal of kit here at the base.

“The Herald’s campaign has been brilliant in showing the importance of the devices.”

Since the Herald launched the Have a Heart Campaign back in April last year, we have seen ten new devices put up across Tamworth ready and waiting to save lives 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.

The Globe Inn, in Wilnecote were credited with our first device of the campaign in September last year and Fazeley Town Council purchased out tenth device earlier this month.

Community groups have vowed to keep raising money towards our campaign and continue to encourage others to do the same.

Ann Nicholls, secretary of the Coton Green Ladies Club who are raising money towards a defibrillator, said: “We are really pleased with our fund-raising and although we have not made the ten for the Herald’s cause, what’s important is that we contribute to the campaign and get our device up and running.

“You can never have too many defibrillators and we would encourage as many groups and people as possible, who are still raising money towards a device, to keep going.”

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