Evolving With Power Electrics

Evolving With Power Electrics

When Power Electrics needed to rethink its eight wheelers to accommodate heavier loads, it turned to Central Hydraulic Loaders to generate a solution.

When you have worked with a Customer for over 18 years as Central Hydraulic Loaders has for Power Electrics, you constantly need to be evolving your product and service to suit. In 1997, when we first supplied Power Electrics with Cranes, they were the classic PM36 360º slew with manual levers. Due to the increase in weight and dimensions of their generators and advances in technology, this has increased to the PM53 continuous slew and radio remote control. CHL build the complete truck bodywork onto the DAF chassis cab. The full story of the build is contained in Transport Engineer magazine: http://www.transportengineer.org.uk/article-images/83804/Power_challenge.pdf

Power Electric are delighted with the new vehicles which have proven popular with the operators and the sites they deliver to. Further information on Power Electrics can be found by viewing their website at: Power Electrics

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