CHL’s visit to Thorne Island

CHL’s visit to Thorne Island

At CHL being a service engineer can be a long cold day sometimes but it is never boring, Senior engineer Derek attended on site @ Thorne Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire last month to install a PM6022 onto a custom made platform on the rocks of the Island to assist the refurbishment of the Island by unloading & loading the materials for the extensive work being undertaken. Before we attended the crane had to be stripped down into 3 palletts so it could be helicoptered onto the Island.

The first day consisted of a very long drive down, the boat breaking down on the way to the Island which Derek had to fix and the start of the rebuild of the PM6022.

The second day was lifting the column back into the base using an old school hand chain block system from a scafolding frame.
The third day was a very rainy day which majorly effected working on the platform, easy to forget we live in the UK when on such a beautiful Island!

The fourth day was the final push to get the install completed by getting the engine running, when running Derek carried out a full PDI & Overload test over the sea leaving the Island with a successfull build under his belt and a very happy customer!

You may have seen Thorne Island on the recent ITV TV Show, Tales from the Coast with Robson Green, if you missed it you can catch a clip on the video bellow

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